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This is such a great product! I bought it for when my son was toilet training and also for my toddler as he would soemtimes take Off his nappy. These are highly affordable and do a great job at protecting the mattes from liquid. Would highly recommend this product and thinks it’s an essential for toilet training time
natasha s
These bags are amazing, they musk the smell of the nappies with the scent they have. We use them when we’re out for nappies and also as mini rubbish bags when on the go with baby. They’ve also come in handy to use for babies dirty or wet clothing while out. Great price also, can’t go wrong with them!
shannon k
These are great for lining my change table when Bub has done something particularly messy in her nappy and for taking out and about as some shopping centre change areas aren’t maintained properly. I can lay this down before I pop my change mat down and we don’t leave with any nasty germs!
Libby M
They are fantastic. so easy to use, they easily pull apart have a nice scent that covers up a stinky nappy. they come in separate packs so you can keep a pack in your nappy bag and on the change table. I ran out and purchased another brand, but they don't compare. I will continue to use this product.
Chelsie W
I have these in my nappy bag and use on top of my thicker change mat when my baby has done a poo to prevent it going on the good one! They are great and a perfect size. I have reused them if they don't get dirty and they fold back up well. Cost is also very good!
Chelsie W
These bags are amazing!! Defiantly needed in your nappy bag! They are very cost effective and come with so many in the bag! I am yet to go through a whole box 1 year in. They also have a great scent which completely removes any smell. Decent size for any nappy as well.
Morgan O
I bought these to dry my babies bottom after wipes to prevent moisture rashes and it helped us avoid lots of nappy rash. It meant we could dry her bottom properly after a change in the middle of the night. No body wants to go to bed with a wet bottom. Will use again.
shania w
I use these at home and in our nappy bag and I like them a lot. They have a slight fragrance to cover the smell of unpleasant nappies. They are quite small but I’ve managed to put two nappies in one bag. I like that they’re affordable and have good quantity so we don’t run out often.
Elly B
This seat has been great. Its easy for my daughter to take it on and off the toliet. We only have one toliet so it's handy it also folds up next to the toliet. Also its good its lightweight incase we stay somewhere else for the night. Would definitely recommend
This is such a great product for in the go! It’s really compact so it can easily Be chucked in the car or nappy bag. It’s also really easy to clean and an affordable price too. I would highly recommend as a travel toilet seat when toilet training- great for parks and shops or others houses.
Kelly C
These are great and an essential for the nappy bag when out and about. They are lightly scented which helps mask the smell of any nasty nappies. I have not been able to find these latelt in local supermarkets or chemists but there were plenty in stock at local baby store.
Belinda S
These are brilliant! Cheap and convenient travel packs. They have a slight scent which hides the not to pleasant smell of some of the nappies. These are a budget friendly pack and price. Definitely recommend and would buy again. The fact they are coloured blue, also makes it easy to spot in the bottom of the nappy bag.
Tess R
The BabyU Potette Plus works really well as a toddler toilet seat, and is great to have when out and about. You simply place it on top of your regular toilet seat at home or use with public toilets or potty liners. My little one loves having his own special seat. Makes potty training a bit easier!

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