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Our Happy Customers

zoe l
Super soft and affordable. We used this heaps when our daughter was a newborn. We use it for nappy change or when she just needs a complete wipe down. We soak the tissues in just water and then wipe her down with it. It doesn’t leave any lint and isn’t scratchy on her sensitive skin.
Juanita S
If you're looking for disposable nappy bag recommendations, I highly recommend these! These are my favourite bags by far, it hides smelly poos perfectly and the scent is great! Not too overpowering unlike some other brands, it's somewhat of a calming scent too... My whole nappy bag always smells great too so tick, tick & tick!
This waterproof sheet is affordable and does the job well! It’s the only One I’ve had whilst toilet training and it washes well and absorbes well And I’ve never had an issues with leakage into the mattress. I literally could not fault this product especially because it’s one of the cheaper Ones on the market! Great protecter!
Sherridan O
This has been a great purchase! It fits most toilets and easily folded for storage and travel. We take it when we visit friends and family so the kids can comfortably use the toilet anywhere we go. Great, affordable price. I would recommend having one on hand to any toilet training families.
Simone m
Trust me and buy these, you dont want to be caught without them when you're out and about and have to change a pooey nappy! Scented makes them even better as you'll use them at home too. We put them straight into the big bin outside but I think scented is still essential haha.
chantel s
Great for toilet training my toddler son. Easy to put together and use. He can set it up on the toilet himself and it feels safe and sturdy. Nice cushioned seat for him and handles to hold so he feels secure I would highly recommend this product to any one
Chelsea W
Absolutely love these disposable change mats small enough to go in a baby bag I love knowing I can go out in the public with something easy and simple to change my baby on to know there safe from any germs once done you can roll nappy up and put in the bin
Chelsea W
Absolutely love these nappy bags I love how you can put a dirty nappy in there and throw it in the bin without making my whole house smell there in a nice box so they don’t go everywhere good size for nappy and a heap of wipes they don’t spilt
This is such a great product! I bought it for when my son was toilet training and also for my toddler as he would soemtimes take Off his nappy. These are highly affordable and do a great job at protecting the mattes from liquid. Would highly recommend this product and thinks it’s an essential for toilet training time
natasha s
These bags are amazing, they musk the smell of the nappies with the scent they have. We use them when we’re out for nappies and also as mini rubbish bags when on the go with baby. They’ve also come in handy to use for babies dirty or wet clothing while out. Great price also, can’t go wrong with them!
shannon k
These are great for lining my change table when Bub has done something particularly messy in her nappy and for taking out and about as some shopping centre change areas aren’t maintained properly. I can lay this down before I pop my change mat down and we don’t leave with any nasty germs!
Libby M
They are fantastic. so easy to use, they easily pull apart have a nice scent that covers up a stinky nappy. they come in separate packs so you can keep a pack in your nappy bag and on the change table. I ran out and purchased another brand, but they don't compare. I will continue to use this product.