Baby Wipes Fragrance Free

Hypoallergenic, Fragrance Free, Alcohol Free

babyU Baby Wipes are perfect for using on little ones at nappy change time. The wipes feature gentle cleansers and are enriched with Aloe Vera and baby lotion to care for baby’s delicate skin.

Available in 80 packs and 240 packs (3 x 80 packs)

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 Reviews
  • miriam m
    These are a take it or leave it in my opinion. They have a bit of a weird smell that seems to linger on my babe, and cannot for the life of me get rid of it, unless they are washed. Didn't find them as moist as others on the market.
  • Caroline A
    Okay wipes
    I used these wipes with my first born, personally I didn't love them but I didn't hate them either. The actual wipe wasn't the best quality however it did the job. I find myself purchasing these wipes when they are on special only as a back up option but I do prefer other brands such as water wipes, curash or gaia.
  • shaylah m
    Strange scent
    These wipes are great for everyday as they are inexpensive and easy to get ahold of at baby bunting. I love they you can buy multipacks, as it ends up cheaper. My only problem is they have such a strange smell, I have to out cream on my baby every time afterwards so it smells ahit more pleasant
  • Michelle W
    Everyday wipe
    Like anywipe, it does the job. Decent size and nice and soft on the babies bottom. I found this one not as moist as some brands, but still wipes clean the area. Comes on single and multiple packs and usually somewhere will have them on sale, keeping them at a good price point being something that gets used daily
  • Sharon D
    Alright Wipes
    The Babyu Baby Wipes are thick wipes, they seem alright but I had an experience and my son had a reaction with redness. It could have been a number of things but I have just gone back to my normal wipes anyway. They are moist and thick which is great.