Cushie Step Up

Padded Toilet Seat with Step Stool

The babyU Cushie Step-Up is perfect for toddlers and parents that find Toilet Training a daunting task. Easy to assemble, the Cushie Step-Up helps toddlers gain more confidence in using an adult sized toilet. The Cushie Step-Up features a soft, contoured seat, non-slip handles and extra wide non-slip floor pads for security.


  • Specially moulded non-slip handles for comfort
  • Thick padded seat to give comfort to small bottoms
  • Easy to assemble – no tools needed
  • Folds up for easy storage between use
  • Fits all regular toilet seats (excluding square toilets)
  • Extra wide non-slip floor pads for security

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 Reviews
  • Sarah H
    Simple, comfy and small.
    We are very early days in our journey however my son took this better than other things we have tried. He thought the box was lego and enjoyed helping me put together which was simple (loved that the instructions were on the box). When constructed its small, in a good way, fits easily beside our toilet and is a good size for the little ones to get up by himself. I liked that it was cushioned at the top. Other brands are quite firm in and there are lots of places little bits of skin can get stuck. My only complaint and this is a general concern is the hole it makes seems to be too small for my son. He has to adjust himself. He is a big kid and three (other brand and potties have similar issue) but I do wish they were a little rounder Overall this has been great and will continue.
  • Lauren B
    The BabyU is a great item for those who are toilet training their toddlers. It is surprisingly a little tricky to put together but once you get it right it fits the toilet well and gives the support your toddler needs to go to the toilet. The seat is comfortable and it packs up well to fit on one side of the toilet.
  • Kylie G
    Amazing item!
    This product is amazing! My boy has only just started toilet training but he was never confident using the toilet on his own as his step would slip and be unsteady. He helped me put the Cushie Step-Up together and was super excited to use it for the first time. It didn’t slip, has handles to give him more confidence and he is able to turn around on the step. Since using it the first time, he’s become an absolute pro at using the big toilet all by himself!
  • Miranda L
    A great way to train your toddler
    Great little seat for a learner. Surprisingly sturdy ,it is much better than other brands. Soft seat very comfy for little bottoms. My two year old has to trouble getting up and sitting safely. I would recommend this product to any toilet training parent, your little one will thank you!
  • Rachel H
    Great product
    My 3 year old is transitioning from the potty to the toilet and this is perfect for him. He feels comfortable with the padded seat and the foot rest helps steady him. He is excited to use the toilet now that he knows he won’t fall. Easy to assemble and sturdy