Cushie Traveller

Folding Padded Toilet Seat, ideal for toddlers on-the-go

The babyU Cushie Traveller is a unique padded folding toilet seat, ideal for toddlers on-the-go. This soft cushioned seat fits regular toilet seats and helps keep your child in routine, even when you are on holiday or out running errands.


  • Easy to clean
  • Great for public toilets
  • Keeps your child in routine during Toilet Training
  • Cushioned for comfort and safety
  • Fits all regular toilet seats (excluding square toilets)
  • Underside brackets helps keep seat secure
  • Includes washable carry bag
  • Ideal for on-the-go

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 Reviews
  • ash2628
    Cushie Traveller
    This portable toilet seat is a great travelling option. I have this in the back of my car for my toddlers so we can use regularly when we are out and about. We also use this toilet seat when travelling too as it folds up to a compact size and easily fits into carry-on luggage.
  • samantha s
    Best idea! This is so handy for when travelling or even when going to a public toilet in the shops. It’s easy to disinfect and wipe clean. It folds up nicely and doesn’t take up much room in a bag. I found I used it very frequently so well worth the price. It’s even handy to use when you go to friends or family to keep working on toilet training.
  • Amanda B
    Great Idea
    Great idea and is so handy to take with you out and about. Used it when started toilet training. So easy to wipe clean and fold away. Fits on most toilets seats well - can be a bit tricky to get perfect every time. I keep it in my nappy bag and use it even when going to mother in laws.
  • Talina F
    Good to have on hand
    We have an older version of these that my parents had kept. It is still functional and clean. I keep it in the bottom of the pram for when we go on walks to the shops for my toddler. She is tiny and even the children's toilets are too big, so this allows her to use toilet rather than lugging around her potty.
  • Narelle S
    I loved this product. I used to carry it in a wetbag (as we used cloth so I always had plenty of wetbags around) and some wipes for accidents if pee got on the seat. I LOVED that it was so easy to fold up to take with you to the supermarket to use in the toilets there. Or to a restaurant so your kids still had something they were comfortable with. AND they are really affordable. You could fold them up and throw them underneath the pusher too.