Disposable Change Mats

Handy and convenient

babyU Disposable Change Mats are handy and convenient to use, these disposable change mats feature a ultra-absorbent layer that prevents liquid from seeping through and keeps moisture away from baby’s skin.

Customer Reviews

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  • shannon k
    Great for on the go
    These are great for lining my change table when Bub has done something particularly messy in her nappy and for taking out and about as some shopping centre change areas aren’t maintained properly. I can lay this down before I pop my change mat down and we don’t leave with any nasty germs!
  • Chelsie W
    Perfect for on the go
    I have these in my nappy bag and use on top of my thicker change mat when my baby has done a poo to prevent it going on the good one! They are great and a perfect size. I have reused them if they don't get dirty and they fold back up well. Cost is also very good!
  • m c
    Great for on the go
    Great for on the go, we usually pack these when we have long car rides as it keeps the car upholstery safe when you need to change a nappy in the middle of nowhere. They can just be thrown out at the end of changing which is handy. Saved us many times.
  • amber c
    nappy bag essential
    These are such a great affordable and convenient option when out and about and there's no changing facility. I've used them while on holiday or at other peoples homes who don't have a nappy change set up, in really gross shopping centres where I would much rather put a disposable change mat down for hygiene, and even the boot of the car. Easy to have in the nappy bag for emergencies.
  • madeleine g
    Greta but barely used
    These were a great product to have handy in my baby bag for unexpected nappy changes out in public. They made it very easy to just pop a mat out in the boot of the car or on the grass in the park. Great for places that don’t have change table facilities