Dry Wipes
Dry Wipes

Dry Wipes

100% Biodegradable

babyU Dry Wipes 100pk are a great nappy bag essential. These high quality, soft and durable spunlace dry wipes are ideal for nappy changing, nappy liners and bathing. The wipes are 100% biodegradable and can be used wet or dry, are fragrance free and contain no chemicals.

Customer Reviews

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  • Lara F
    Fantastic product
    I had never actually heard of dry wipes until our midwife told me about them at my son’s first bath in the hospital. I was so happy to find this brand, it was a lot more affordable than the type the hospital had and they are even better, as they are slightly textured while still soft. I find these are nice and gentle to use in the bath while bathing newborns and aren’t heavy like washcloths can be. Love that they are biodegradable too!
  • miriam m
    great idea
    These are a pleasant surprise, as they can be used dry or wet. I keep some for when we go swimming, and they are super easy to use. I thought they would be a lot like tissues, until I used them, and I am sold on them. They are great and super soft, but don't shred like tissues do.
  • Ambra B
    discovering dry wipes
    I never use dry wipes before and honestly they didn't even came to my mind, until a saw them on the shelf at Big W with a competitive price so and I decided to try it out like most of baby products. Is such a great discovery, and this brand is what you are looking for,thick,soft dry wipes that you can use for nappies change or even better when you are bathing your Little one and him/Her wants to play a little bit... and also they don't cost an arm and a leg! Just because you can use them either wet or dry it makes them super useful, I also find myself using them when I need something absorbent. I actually reckon they should do some kind of portable packaging to keep in your bag, easy to fold so doesn't take much space because let's be honest, Mums are already have bags and bags full of toys, nappies ecc ecc...
  • Caroline A
    Really good dry wipes
    These are great to have a around. I always keep a couple in my change bag as a back up in case my wet wipes run out. I also use these for bath times as a wash cloth as they are so soft and disposable so great for new born soft skin and to keep them clean!
  • Manpreet k
    Love these
    Always keep them at home or in nappy bag. I use them water. They are super soft prevents nappy rash too. I would choose these over wet wipes any day. Size of a wipe is good too. You don’t have to use many to get the job done. I recommend these.