Potette Plus Disposable Liners

Perfect companion for the Potette Plus

The babyU Potette Plus Disposable Liners are the perfect companion for the Potette Plus. Convenient and hygienic, the Disposable Liners feature a super-absorbent pad that can take up to 150ml of liquid. The liners are lightly fragranced and feature easy tie handles for when you are ready to dispose of them.

Customer Reviews

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  • Christie B
    Great product
    I was gifted this product to trial and I'm very impressed. The potette seat doubles as a potty and converts to a little toilet seat to be used on a regular toilet. Great for travel and would highly recommend when at home or out and about. The unit would fit in a pram or large nappy bag easily.
  • belinda m
    Easy product
    I Loved this product was easy to transport in the bag it comes with or out of it, easy to use and fit just about any toilet. It can be used on its own aswell which is great for when your in the car and need to do a quick wee stop.
  • Lee Y
    I absolutely love this potty, it’s so handy to keep in the car for quick toilet breaks. The only down side I can see is that the bags do not absorb enough liquid. I have to double bag them which is a shame because otherwise it’s an excellent product. I highly recommend
  • Biancamaree123
    Great idea but could be improved
    When I first received the baby u potette plus at first glace it seems like a great idea, easy to use, convenient if not at home or camping, hygienic and small enough to chuck in the car to go out. Upon trying to use product the legs gave out on my very small 18 month old, the product isn't sturdy and collapsed.
  • Marguerite F
    Portable toilet seat
    Looks great and practical. Will definitely keep it in the car for emergencies. Great idea, and brilliant execution. Well presented with very easy to understand instructions. However my toddler wasn’t too keen on it. He was just a bit apprehensive and possibly overwhelmed by how different it was from the normal toilet.