Scented Nappy Bags

Neutralises nappy odour

The specially formulated baby powder fragrance used in the babyU Nappy Sacks neutralises dirty nappy odours. Hygienic tie handles tightly seal in wetness and bacteria, making change time convenient, safe and clean.


  • Use during toilet training
  • Sanitary disposal
  • Transport soiled clothing
  • Scented small bin liners
  • Scented bags for car rubbish
  • Ideal for shopping, picnics, playgroup, walking the dog and more

Available in 50 pack and 200 pack

Customer Reviews

Based on 269 Reviews
  • erin s
    Lightly scented
    These bags are only lightly scented but they do a surprisingly good job of masking the smell of the dirty nappy. I do like that they’re dark in colour so that you don’t see the contents of inside the bag. Sturdy too- it’s a good investment all round for a small price.
  • Bec R
    Great addition to my nappy bag
    When my baby needs a nappy change and there are no bins around this is the only thing that saves my day. Easily trapping the smell of my babies poo explosion, the subtle scent does not linger. I am able to place the small bags in my nappy bag, car and carrier to support my nappy changing processes and keeping my bag and pram clean.
  • natasha s
    These bags are amazing, they musk the smell of the nappies with the scent they have. We use them when we’re out for nappies and also as mini rubbish bags when on the go with baby. They’ve also come in handy to use for babies dirty or wet clothing while out. Great price also, can’t go wrong with them!
  • Libby M
    They are fantastic. so easy to use, they easily pull apart have a nice scent that covers up a stinky nappy. they come in separate packs so you can keep a pack in your nappy bag and on the change table. I ran out and purchased another brand, but they don't compare. I will continue to use this product.
  • Chelsie W
    Must have!!
    These bags are amazing!! Defiantly needed in your nappy bag! They are very cost effective and come with so many in the bag! I am yet to go through a whole box 1 year in. They also have a great scent which completely removes any smell. Decent size for any nappy as well.