Waterproof Sheet Protector

Waterproof Sheet Protector

No more middle-of-the-night bed stripping

The babyU Waterproof Sheet Protector keeps sheets dry through Toilet Training. Simply place the sheet protector on top of the bed sheets in case of accidents. When the bed is wet there’s no need to remove the sheets, just the Waterproof Sheet Protector.

  • 100% waterproof with non-slip backing
  • Fits over the bottom sheet to protect mattress
  • Protects sheet from moisture and staining
  • Absorbent, soft quilted cotton/poly surface with tuck-in flaps
  • Bleachable, machine washable and dryable

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

Lifesaver during Toilet Training

Jenna Donoghue

Currently toilet training and I have 2 of these on rotation. Makes clean up so much easier after an accident and save you worrying about wet smelly mattresses or lounges. They are so easy to put on and fit perfectly. Being waterproof I was concerned they might sound and feel a bit plastic but they are really nice material.

Its a must have

Zin Tash

Definetley need one of these! You can rotate round the house, use on the kids beds, on the lounge for the toilet-training toddler, and on our bed to protect our sheets from the baby mess. Best value for money when compared with all other equivalent products currently on the market.

Must have when toilet training

miriam major

These are so easy to use, and a must have when toilet training. We just put this under the sheets, and if my child wets the bed, I only have to change a sheet. Super absorbent, and the price is super reasonable as well. Always have a spare in the cupboard.