Waterproof Sheet Protector

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  • Angela B
    Ever since my daughter started toilet training this has been such a great investment on the nights she has any accidents, as it never seeps through onto the mattress, so all i have to do is change sheets and go back to bed rather then try to clean and dry a mattress as well like other cheaper ones i have purchased.
  • shaylah m
    Affordable and great
    I swear by this mattress protector, We weren't going to get one but decided once we were done with the mattress we would sell it, getting the protector has kept it clean from every little spill of baby vomit and wet nappies, I would recommend these if you intend on reusing or re gifting your baby mattress
  • Lara F
    Won’t regret buying it
    You won’t regret buying this. It is great for toilet training and also for nappy-free time. I originally had a Target brand waterproof mattress protector on, and I tell you what- it absolutely was not waterproof! And it was only slightly cheaper than this. Definitely grab this one instead- it’s also washes well and doesn’t fall apart in the washing machine!
  • Michelle S
    The best
    These are so useful. When my daughter had a really bad nappy rash, I used these for naked tummy time to air her out. When we move on from that to toilet training her these were the best for nap times. They are so absorbent they never leak through to the mattress
  • Taela C
    These are a must
    These are a must in every house hold. I layer them in my sons bed and it’s honestly a life saver. So good to keep your mattress protected from baby vomit and wee and anything else. Also very handy when you are trying to toilet trains. Saved you have to get a new mattress